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Photo courtesy of The Wall Street Journal


Photo courtesy of The Wall Street Journal

Evelyn Chan, Photojournalist

Carrie Underwood, Kourtney Kardashian, and Mila Kunis. A singer, a reality star, and an actress. So, what do they all have in common?

Their baby bumps! Didn’t answer that correctly? Try this one out:


Justin Bieber, Big Sean, and Ian Somerhalder. A singer, a rapper, and an actor. Now what do they have in common?

They’re all dating singers! Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Nikki Reed, respectively.


If you answered both these questions correctly, chances are you keep up with the latest stories of Hollywood. If not (or even if you do), keep reading, because we are about to take an inside look at the appeal and captivation of Hollywood.


The world today deals with principal problems such as inequality, unemployment, and universal health care. However, headlines about celebrities are usually the first to pop up on trending news. What exactly is so fascinating about these celebrities that draws the attention of millions? From Twitter, Katy Perry boasts over 57 million followers; larger than the entire population of South Africa. Sara Lui (11) shared why she follows celebrities on Twitter, stating, “I do stay updated through Twitter. I get notifications whenever one of the [5 Seconds of Summer] boys tweet. They are always thanking the fans which makes me feel happy and proud of them.” Her best friend, Nicole Espinoza (11) chipped in adding that, “I like [Twitter] because [celebrities] interact with their fans and post funny videos or pictures. We just get to learn more about them, and we’re updated on what next cool thing they are working on.” It’s clear that talent first intrigues the general public, and the personalities, actions, and thoughts of the celebrities keep fans locked in. Nowadays, with social media becoming more and more accessible, celebrities are easily able to spread news to their fans with just the use of an app, but is this willingness to be open and share publicly an indirect invitation into their private lives?


Magazines, websites, and television are constantly spewing out new details from the lives of celebrities. Each paparazzi photo taken, each tweet sent out, each Instagram photo posted is thoroughly analyzed in attempt to figure out what is really happening in the lives of celebrities. Celebrity moms such as Jennifer Garner, Kristen Bell, and Halle Berry have teamed up with well-knownnames to pass anti-paparazzi laws, the latest was approved in January, which made harassing a celebrity’s child to take a picture a crime punishable for up to a year in jail. When asked about his opinions on people wanting to know about the lives of celebrities, Mr. Linebarger commented,  “I feel sorry for celebrities and their lack of privacy sometimes, and that they are always stopped on the streets or people break into their cell phones just to get pictures of them,” adding that, “You have to respect that they have private lives.” What is your take on the world of Hollywood? Sound off in the comments below. Be sure to vote on the side for your favorite celebrities and comment if we missed any of them!