Renaissance Rally Recap!


Nicole Espinosa (12) poses with ASB member Deborah You (12).

Evelyn Chan, A&E Editor

Each year during second semester, ASB hosts the Renaissance Rally to recognize achievements from Mustangs throughout the year. Over 80 students were recognized at the 2016 Renaissance Rally, and here’s a quick recap of who those special stars were:


For the Fine Arts, teachers selected outstanding students in their respective categories:

Photography: Geanina Tira

Color Guard: Nicole Espinoza

Ceramics: McKenna Biegert

Culinary: Savannah Hannegan

Dance: Emmy Munn, Mya Kough, and Kyra Stevens

Animation: John Sledge and Jasmine Yu

Choir: Ciara Stapp

Band: Matthew Caballero

Theater: Matthew Cyprien

Drawing/Painting: Jennifer Jacobson

Orchestra: Catherine Han

Video Production: Nathan Shube

Newspaper: Heather Gammon

Yearbook: Gavin Gondalwala

3D Art: Kassandra Perske


For the Athletic Awards, coaches selecting outstanding students in their respective sports:

Men’s Soccer: Brent Sienko and Garrett Robb

Football: Zachary Sowder

Men’s Waterpolo: Justin Dionne

Women’s Waterpolo: Amy Castellano

Cross Country: Zachary Joseph and Ashley Lee

Cheer and Song: Megan Gadbaw and Kayla Labrador

Men’s Basketball: Isaac Douglass

Women’s Basketball: Karah Griffiths and Mikayla Buscaino

Women’s Golf: Kylie Sok

Women’s Soccer: Jacquelyn Dunlap

Women’s Tennis: Emily Valenciano

Women’s Volleyball: Kelly Fagan

Wrestling: Malik Isterabadi


For the Skyrocket Awards, students who showed outstanding improvement were recognized:

Christian Hinojosa

Starleen Runge

Saajan Jolly

Ryan Itani


For the Top Seniors, the seniors with the highest academic GPA were recognized:

Stephanie Zhang

Ariana Zormeier

Marie Bae

Joshua Darnbrough

Halle Walls

Megan Le

Clara Duong

Nicole Truong

Shannon Marquiss

Sierra Stevens

Catherine Han

Evelyn Chan


For the Top Juniors, the juniors with the highest academic GPA were recognized:

Bradley Mont

Ravi Patel

Elwyn Jason Cruz

Terrell Shaffer

Taylor Provenzano

Tyrese Shaffer

Ryan Birchfield

Amy Weitzman

Carly Jenican

Brian Lee

Jasmine Yu

Julianna Thrasher


For the Top Sophomores, the sophomores with the highest academic GPA were recognized:

Matthew Liao

Jacob Iida

Paige Weingarten

Mikayla Buscaino

Spencer Kim

Natalie Jones

Danielle Lee

Jacqueline Kieu

Melody Tang

Payton Bladow

Misa Okamoto

Jenny Tao


For the Top Freshmen, the freshmen with the highest academic GPA were recognized::

Andrew Song

Sara Bassiri

Payton Janish

Ryan Lowery

Mabel Ra

Juliette Fournier

Aino Hakkinen

Jenna Weitzman

Ashley Bui-Tran


For the Community Service Award, the top 5 students for community service hours:

Evelyn Chan: 2508.9 hours

David Hernaiz : 1925 hours

Roger Fang: 1124 hours

Rachel Toledo: 940 hours

Seung-Hee Yoo: 870.25 hours


For the Valedictorians, a point system was used to calculate the top students of the senior class:

Evelyn Chan and Catherine Han


For Teacher of the Year, students voted on the teacher they believed represented YLHS best:

Mr. Shanahan


For Clubs, awards were given to the overall best club of the year, the best advisor of the year, and the most improved club of the year:

Red Cross: Club of the year

St. Amant: Club Advisor of the year  

With Hope: Most Improved Club


Congratulations to all those recognized, the Renaissance Rally was surely a fun Scooby-Doo themed event!