San Francisco Passes Revolutionary Law

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Lily Rajaee, Opinions Editor

San Francisco, on April 6th, announced the approval of a new, revolutionary law that was passed, pleasantly surprising the residents of the area. San Francisco have officially become the first city in the country to all employers a six week fully paid maternity leave for new parents. This is a significant law because it has recognized the concerns of the local new parents and has met their concerns with a generous family leave law.


What does this law mean? It means that new parents do not have to worry about the financial struggle that comes with losing income once a baby is born. Mothers often times have to worry about the stress that comes with potentially losing their jobs or angering their bosses, so they often times are consumed by the nervous working consequences that can come as a result of having a child. However, this new law gives new parents assurance and recognizes that parents are entitled to enjoy their critical time of caring for their newborn baby without having to worry about the financial consequences.


Currently, California has a law set in motion that requires employees to receive 55% of their normal wages for up to six weeks when on a paid family leave. San Francisco, however, took this idea a step further and emphasized the idea that new parents should not be penalized at all for their absence during that sensitive time period. It is during the first six weeks that parents should dedicate all their time and energy to strengthening the health of their family unit. Brandon Kuo (11) said he thinks “it is important for parents to feel support from their working environment.” Therefore, this new law has gained a vast amount of positive response from parents that live in the San Francisco; they appreciate the generous bill and are pleased to see the increasing amount of respect for the mothers and fathers.


Is seems reasonable that parents all around the country should be entitled to the same kind of security and relief as the parents of San Francisco. Some experts believe that all states in the next century will eventually be subjected under this law because the citizens will keep fighting for the natural rights that they deserve.


It is a truly remarkable event in San Francisco that will surely set the precedent for other cities to follow. Parents will definitely continue to fight until every city in America obtains their rights to a paid leave of absence.