Upcoming ComedySportz Matches

Yeji Kim, Photojournalist


Do you want to relieve your stress? Do you want to have fun and burst into laughter?

Then come, enjoy, and cheer on your favorite players and teachers at YLHS ComedySportz with your friends and family!

There are only THREE matches left for this school year!

Don’t miss out this opportunity to have a fun night with the greatest ComedySportz players!


1. ComedySportz Teacher Match

Date: Thursday, April 14th

Time: 7PM- 10PM

Location: Forum Theater


2. ComedySportz Match

Date: Tuesday, April 26th

Time: 7PM- 9PM

Location: Forum Theater


3. ComedySportz Match

Date: Tuesday, June 7th

Time: 7PM- 10PM

Location: Forum Theater