Was Donald Trump scared of losing his debate?


Photo courtesy of Desert News.

Hailee Ramirez, Photojournalist

Recently, the infamous Republican, Donald Trump, skipped yet another debate that was supposed to happen in Salt Lake City. Obviously, this was not the first, but he had also skipped a Fox Debate in Des Moines. Supposedly, Donald Trump just voices “some people were disappointed” that he didn’t go. The channel Fox News cancelled the GOP debate because the two contenders, Donald Trump and John Kasich, backed out. Of course, it was not John who originally backed out, but it was Trump. According to Washington Post, John would not participate without Trump, but Trump ended up cancelling because he stated he had a “very major speech” to give “in front of a very important group of people”, which were ALPAC. This may have been the case, but many politicians disagree with Trump’s statement.


First of all, many people instantly cast skepticism on his explanation because the ALPAC would have most likely given him many chances to speak before the members of the group. Secondly, the Republican Senator, Cruz, thinks Trump is afraid of being challenged and always finds an excuse to back out of debates, according to Fox News. Kaela Braseny (10) agrees by stating “Donald Trump is always ducking out of debates or events where he feels challenged and is always turning against other politicians, which is not how a running president candidate should be”. Furthermore, that assumption may be true due to his history with certain debates and people. For instance, the Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly, asked Trump about his derogatory comments on women. This little event created a tiny little feud that has went on for several months. He supposedly has bypassed any possible confrontations with her, even at debates, like the debate in Detroit. Nevertheless, he still continues to disparage Megyn Kelly through social media. On Twitter, he tweeted “Crazy Megyn Kelly is unwatchable”. Clearly, this displays a little feud and history he shares with her. Of course, that was not the only tweet he tweeted about her, but there were others.


After he had skipped this debate and other debates, he, of course, had many explanations and excuses to give. All in all, he merely just explains that he already wins all of the debates, and is just asked the same questions over; so, there is no point in him really attending them.