Apply now for the Seal of Biliteracy!

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Evelyn Chan, A&E Editor

Seniors, it’s that time of year! Time to apply for all the awards you rightfully deserve at graduation. The Mustang Scholar one already passed, and up next is the Seal of Biliteracy! Now you may be wondering what the Seal of Biliteracy is and why you should even care about it; well, I’m here to inform you why you should care and should apply (if you’re eligible)! Read on to find out more.

First off, to even apply for the Seal of Biliteracy, you have to meet the eligibility requirements.

  • Successfully completed all English-language arts requirements for graduation with an overall weighted GPA of 2.0 or above in those classes.
  • Earned a score of 3 or 4 on the 11th grade SBAC ELA examination.

And you must meet one of the following:

  • Passed AP Foreign Language Exam with a score of 3 or higher OR an International Baccalaureate exam with a score of 4 or higher.
  • Successfully completed the fourth year/level of study in a Languages Other Than English course with an overall weighted GPA of 3.0 or above in that course of study and approval signature of the Language teacher.
  • Passed the Scholastic Assessment Test II foreign language exam with a score of 600 or higher.

Now, if you meet those requirements, you should apply! Here’s why: “A Seal of Biliteracy and the Pathway awards are a statement by the school system that mastery of two or more languages is important. It encourages students to pursue biliteracy, honors the skills our students attain, and can be evidence of skills that are attractive to future employers and college admissions offices.” ( Basically, the Seal of Biliteracy honors the fact that you have mastered two languages throughout your high school career. Moreover, this Seal of Biliteracy will prove to colleges and employers that you are capable of speaking English and the other approved language, making your resume more credible!

Ultimately, you should definitely apply if you meet the requirements. Application forms are available in the front office and online here. Applications are due this Friday, April 8th, to Ms. Jauch, your counselor, or your language teacher. Keep in mind, copies of your score reports, verification documents, and transcripts will be required, so start your application as soon as possible!