Legally Blonde: The Musical

Heather Gammon, Editor-in-Chief

The YLHS Theater Department is known for putting on serious and classical shows–Guys and Dolls, Anne Frank, Tracers... So students were shocked to find YLHS Theater putting on such a fun, contemporary musical: Legally Blonde. The show ran from March 17-19 and March 24-25 and was met with immense success.

We all know the story (if you don’t 1. SPOILER ALERT and 2. DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?) that centers around the blonde, vivacious Elle Woods (played by Macy Warner, grade 11) who goes to Harvard Law to chase ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington III (played by Ian Dembeck, grade 10)

Macy may just be a junior, but she played the lead with enough gusto and conviction that her slight stumbles were barely noticeable. Her voice was loud and clear; she knew her character well, which made you root for her. If Macy’s performance in Legally Blonde is any indication of things to come, we can expect a great many more plays of equal, if not higher, caliber from her.

Ian was decently cast as Warren; he gave the role the privileged pansy vibes it needed to accurately characterize the man. He acted with emotion and made the pitiful, yet unpleasant Warren look almost relatable.

Mathew Cyprian (12) played the immoral and repellent Professor Callahan. “Blood in the Water” was definitely one of my favorite scenes, where he thoroughly intimidated his students with both his convoluted hypothetical questions and sheer force of personality. Mathew’s voice had a nice timbre and carried well throughout the theater.

Moreover, the supporting cast was also highly enthusiastic. So enthusiastic that if you sat in the first 4 rows, you’d hear that enthusiasm. Yes, the musical was loud, very loud. But that was to be expected―it was a musical, after all. While the repetitious chorus, “Ohmygodyouguys,” started to get on my nerves, the show thankfully moved on from that and into the plot. And it got better. And stayed better.

Sarah Stumpf (12) is a senior in the ensemble and played bit parts, including Mrs. Woods. Having been in musical theater for four years, Sarah says “this has been her favorite musical!” Of all the numbers in Legally Blonde, she “loves performing Bend and Snap” because she “gets to act like a lunatic.”

Cast aside, the pink set was a little much; but it was fitting for such a pink-centric play. Elle Woods does indeed see things out of rose-tinted glasses. I suppose the pink sets suited her, matched her pink soul.

Truly, this musical is a fresh faced departure from the grim plays of past.  The cast is young as they are enthusiastic. And that’s really young and really excited. So, I hope you had the chance to see YLHS’s Legally Blonde. It was worth it.