Super Tuesday!!

Brandon Russell, Photojournalist

Super Tuesday is here everybody! As the presidential race to the White House continues to move along, candidate’s including Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton hope to put themselves ahead of their respectful races. While Cruz and Rubio are hoping to get big wins in order to put Trumps lead to a halt, Bernie Sanders is always hoping to pull out a big win of his own, to shock Clinton.

Voters of both parties in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia go the polls or caucus Tuesday. Democrats also caucus in Colorado and Republicans will do the same in Alaska.  Trump has an astronomical lead with a 49% support compared to Cruz’s 15% and Rubio’s 16%. Polls in Massachusetts, Alabama, Tennessee show that most likely Mr. Trump will blow out the competition in those states throughout the race to the White House. Also it is possible that Trump could win all 11 states, or come close to it. If he succeeds, this will leave very little time for other republicans to catch up to him.

Don’t count Cruz and Rubio out yet, the two need to pull out big wins after an 0-11 start with early states in order to even pertain a chance in getting on the republican ballot. On the democratic side, the lay of the land is pretty clear, Clinton coming off a massive 48 point blowout in South Carolina over sanders, has her probable to win Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and Arkansas. Sanders, meanwhile, is targeting states that are whiter and, mostly, farther north: Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont. But only Vermont is a guaranteed win for him. If Clinton can carry her success in South Carolina across the rest of the South and pick off a couple of Sanders’ targets, he’d have to win the last states in order for him to even catch up. And even if he locks them in, Clinton’s stronger states outnumber his, nearly two to one, in the delegate count. Barring disaster, Clinton’s delegate lead is certain to grow Tuesday. Given Clinton’s long list of delegates, this act might be hard for Sanders to even come close to getting the lead.

With Sander’s hoping to reach out to minority voters, the new plan to his campaign is to abstain all minority voters as he can. It’s an increasingly important challenge for Sanders.

After Tuesday, the next major states to vote are Michigan, followed by five on March 15, all with significant minority populations. There are four key states to watch for Sanders on Tuesday. Wins in Colorado and Oklahoma could bode well for Sanders’ ability to rack up delegates in more rural western states throughout the latter half of March and early April. A win in Minnesota is a good sign to Sander’s as Great Lake states begin to put in their votes. Ryan Meinardus (9) gave me his opinion on what he thought the results should have been, “ While I neither agree nor disagree with the results shown on super tuesday, I strongly feel that ted Cruz had a strong debate and I feel as if he should be in the lead,” He later went on to say how he liked the competition among this year’s candidates. With the race still in full force, there’s a lot of time left in this race, so we the people will see soon, who will come out on top.