Scott Kelly is Back!


photo courtesy of Twitter

Lily Rajaee, Opinions Editor

If you have not heard already, you should definitely pay attention to Scott Kelly’s story because it is a historical achievement and a scientific advancement that is happening right before our very own eyes! Scott Kelly is the kind of person that students of the next generations will talk about in their history classes. Why? Because Scott Kelly spent three hundred and forty days in space and has returned with the intent to further scientific research regarding the effects of space travel on the body and mind.


Today, Scott Kelly is enjoying his first week back on Planet Earth after his long journey in space. Could you imagine now being off Earth for a whole year? The thought itself is astonishing and frightening. However, Scott Kelly was able to heroically finish his mission and was able to survive the seemingly impossible task of living off of Earth for that long.


On Friday, NASA held its first press conference with Scott Kelly since he’s been back, where he was overwhelmed with a large number of questions from the eager and interested reporters. One thing that stood from his answers was the fact that he understandably faced more pronounced health effects that his last space trip. He has already flown a total of one hundred and eighty days in space on mission that were held before this one on the International Space Station. Therefore, he knew that space travel added great stress to the body and causes serious muscle soreness and extreme fatigue. However, he was still surprised that his year in space impacted his body so heavily. He also explained how his skin has become extremely sensitive, because he did not have much physical contact with just about anything while up in space. Scott Kelly described how every time something touches him now, he feels an uncomfortable burning sensation.


Vincent Serrano (11) said he thinks that “it’s really cool how he was able to live in space that long.” Clearly, people around the world are intrigued by Scott Kelly’s story and ability to be so strong in order to have the courage needed to survive alone in space.


Science is a field that is constantly being advanced and at a rapid rate. It is moments like these, seeing Scott Kelly return to planet Earth, that will be remembered by the next generation and we should be excited and honored to take part in moments like this because we are the ones who get to witness it first-handedly.