Welcoming New German Teacher!


photo courtesy of the YLHS website

Lily Rajaee, Opinions Editor

Yorba Linda High School is always grateful for its hardworking teachers and staff. That is why the school was so grateful and lucky to have a new member be joined into this year’s German program. Although she will only be teaching for this school year, students should be happy that they have such a qualified teacher that is willing to step in and carry out the German classes.


Frau Kaulard (Mrs. Kaulard) was gracious enough to agree to become a Yorba Linda High School teacher on such short notice. She is a highly qualifies teacher, as she grew up in Germany and can speak fluent German as well as teach it effectively. She grew up in a small town in German called Monschau, which is very close to the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands. Therefore, she has been surrounded by German language and culture for most of her life. When asked about her schooling history, Frau Kaulard explained, “I studied to become a teacher at the University of Aachens and later came to California and received my teaching credential through UCI. I also have a master’s degree from Azusa University.” These great years of teaching and learning all center around the idea that Frau Kaulard loves what she does and has a special interest in teaching the youth.


Prior to this year, Frau Kaulard was a successful teacher at Esperanza High School, where she served as one of the leading German teachers. Additionally, she served as the department chair for World Languages  at Esperanza. There, she taught students how to love the German language and learn the fundamentals of the speech with the same system that she has brought over to the Yorba Linda classes this year. Teaching in the PYLUSD district for almost thirty years, Frau Kaulard definitely knows what she is doing and knows how important it is to teach students not only the German language, but the history that comes with the language.


Outside of school, Frau Kaulard has also shown her dedication to her job and German heritage. She served as president of the American Associate  of Teachers of Germany, a role that proves her love for the German language. Mustangs surely appreciate the time and energy she has put in to continue the class and prepare students for German 4 or AP German. Learning a new language can be difficult, but it is much easier knowing that you have a dedicated teacher by your side!