YLHS Mens Wrestling become Back- To- Back Champions

YLHS Mens Wrestling become Back- To- Back Champions

Brandon Russell, Photojournalist

To succeed in competitive wrestling, you need to obtain a rare blend of functional strength, speed, endurance, technical skill and mental fortitude. On the other hand, injuries are commonplace, making wrestling one of the most difficult sports in the world. Still, there are distinct advantages to choosing wrestling over other sports. Last week, Yorba Linda High School becomes once again back-to-back league champions in their respective league.

There is no secret that the act of nutrition is one of the most important resources for our wrestlers hear at YLHS, but there is also the great feeling of building a community and good teamwork when participating in the wrestling program.

Josh Madrigal (10) stated in an interview with me “Wrestling was a great experience for me due to the fact that the experience winning league once again showed me how building workmanship and becoming closer with your peers, can go a long way in the long haul,” Other first and second year wrestlers have stated that wrestling is a very physically demanding sport, and that it is not for everyone. Some hardships that come from being a wrestler is cutting weight, eating healthy, and working out multiple times a day.

Winning league once again for these wrestlers was obviously not just a stroll in the park, in order for a certain wrestler to win a match; here is what they had to succeed in performing. Here is the match scores in which are needed to win the match:

Takedown – 2 points= A wrestler brings his opponent’s knees down to the mat and has control over his opponent.

Escape – 1 point= When the wrestler is no longer controlled by his opponent and they are facing each other in a neutral position.

Reversal – 2 points= When body contact is constant and the controlled wrestler gains control.

Near Fall= 2 points – when an opponent’s back is facing the mat in a less than 90 degree angle for a 2 second count. 
3 points – when an opponent’s back is facing the mat in a less than 90-degree angle for a 5 second count.

Pin – Win! = When a wrestler makes both shoulder blades of his opponent touch the mat. Pinning an opponent is an immediate win regardless of the match score.

The highest CIF winner that has ever competed for Yorba Linda High School is Abe Ochoa. He has succeeded in winning CIF championships twice while attending YLHS and was named by the OC register as Southern California’s top wrestler.