A Month Without Netflix

A Month Without Netflix

Heather Gammon, Editor-in-Chief

What in the world would make me choose, of my own free will, to do this difficult thing?

Well, it certainly wasn’t an out of the blue decision.

It was a calculated move, one that I was sure would be worthwhile. After all, I wanted to be more productive, spend more time with friends, and maybe *gulp* read a book.

Week 1: What is life without Netflix? Why can I not spend my hours of free time mindlessly watching The Office episode after The Office episode?

 I miss laughing until my gut aches, staring at the screen until my eyes water with joy… Maybe I should do some homework? Oh is there a math test tomorrow–should I study for that?

Week 2: Who are these humans trying to contact me? I still have friends? They want to do something with me… Shopping. Apparently, shopping is a fun activity you do with others. I’m not sure I believe that–I’ll keep you posted.


Week 3: Update: Shopping was not fun. I suppose becoming a personal shopper’s out of the picture for me. Maybe I could become a cardiothoracic surgeon like Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy. 12ish years of school? Nah.

Oh well, there are lots of things I can do (not math), I just need to discover what I like. I like Netflix. Feeling withdrawals.


Week 4: Wow, I actually went to bed at 10 PM, instead of staying  up to watch Netflix. Sleep might be important after all. Who knew? I certainly didn’t.

This was really hard, perhaps the hardest challenge I’ve done in awhile. I guess I didn’t recognize my dependency on Netflix until I took it away. I really did do more homework, socialize more, and slept more. I didn’t read a book though, but please don’t stone me to death.


Thank God that’s done. Moderation in all things though, including watching Netflix.


I’m rejoining Netflix tomorrow.