‘Friends’ Reunion!


photo courtesy of Yahoo

Lily Rajaee, Photojournalist

That’s right. You heard it correctly. Almost twelve years after the airing of the season finale of Friends, producers have announced that they are working on a series reunion!


Fans were understandably excited and overwhelmed with joy when hearing of this unexpected news. The first episode of friends aired on September 22, 1994 — almost twenty-two years ago. The show was a hit from the start and fans were instantly hooked to the hilarious plot lines and dynamic characters. What’s not the love about Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, and Joey?


One would think that a show this old would begin to start dying out in popularity; however, it is still extremely popular and relevant in today’s society. Especially since Netflix has added the whole series onto its website, modern teens and adults have easy access to all the 236 episodes. This might seem like a lot of episodes, but it certainly goes by fast when fans have the ability to binge-watch the show on Netflix. After finally finishing every episode of the show, fans usually experience that familiar sadness and disbelief of the show’s ending.


This is why it is so exciting to hear about the idea of the show’s upcoming reunion. It will be interesting and fun to see the cast of the popular comedy show come together one last time and reminisce about the past. Although the cast will not actually be in character, the actors and actresses will be questioned by the host while sitting together one one stage.


The reunion will be aired on NBC on February 21st and is actually part of a bigger program dedicated to the tribute of James Burrows, the sitcom director. This two-hour program will surely have many viewers, as fans and supporters come together to see what the cast has to say.


Angela Chuang (11) says she is “excited to hear about the reunion” but is “sad that Chandler won’t be there.” Like Angela, many people are sad to hear that Chandler (Matthew Perry) will not be able to make it to the reunion, because he is currently in Europe working on a play. However, there have been rumors that Matthew Perry plans to Skype the show during the two-hour special so that he can participate in the interview in some way.


Classic TV shows like Friends certainly tend to not die out in popularity and continue to make people around the nation laugh and have fun.