Student Spotlight: Vanessa Le

Gavin Gondalwala, Co-Editor-in-Chief

DIY Queen. Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire. 4’11’’ Asian Princess. These are just some of the names by which we know The Wrangler’s very own, Vanessa Le (12). Although she has her hand in everything, she truly proves that a lot of power can come in a small package.


Despite dabbling in numerous fields, she continues to excel in everything she does. As an AP Photo student, she has shown that dedication can take you far. Thanks to this, she has produced numerous pictures in her portfolio that range from simple, yet elegant, fashion photography to shots that tackle the complicated nature of gender stereotypes. When asked what she views her style as, she stated that she tries to go for a “comfortable and casual, yet put together look.”


Aside from photography, she has made herself stand out with her extensive knowledge of fashion. On her blog, she constantly updates the masses on the goings-on in the fashion world. Ranging from reviews of New York City street fashion to NY Fashion Week Recaps to her infamous OOTD, she is always sure to stun. Bo-ho chic in possibly every aspect, she poises herself at a level above everyone else–one people can look up to.


“comfortable and casual, yet put together look””

— Vanessa Le


Along the same train of thought, many know her from her blog where she posts about fashion, lifestyle, and beauty, among other things. Not to mention the fact that her DIY posts are known for their ingenuity and ability to flawlessly produce a result that people love. Make sure to head over to her blog,, if you’re in the mood to be inspired. Side note, can we talk about the fact that she has her own .com? If that’s not impressive, nothing is.


Nonetheless, she is extremely dedicated to her school work. As a board member of Red Cross ,a board member of Fashion Club, a photojournalist on The Wrangler, and an AP student, she has a full plate. Despite this all, she manages to pull excellent grades while, at the same time, working on all of her extra-curricular activities.
Departing from that train of thought, many know her to simply be one of the most genuine people they know. Always at everyone’s side with a bright smile and a comforting pat on the back, people turn towards her smiley face for a source of strength and creativity. No matter what, she is there as an uplifting, sunny force and proves that asians have more fun.