American sailors told by Iranian captors to ‘act happy’ while captured

Brandon Russell, Photojournalist

The 10 U.S. Navy sailors held by Iran were told by their captors to “act happy” while they were being videotaped during their capture, according to a U.S. defense official with access to the latest information about the debriefing of the sailors. The U.S. commander who spoke on camera told reports he felt pressure to talk about how well they were being treated. It’s not yet stated if he was directly ordered to apologize, the official said.

  • The U.S sailor was filmed saying, “It was our fault, and we are sorry for our mistake,” The Iranian State filmed the U.S soldiers with their hands on their heads, and on their knees pleading not to be executed. With that footage came a subsequent video of one sailor apologizing has been a key point for Republican critics of President Barack Obama since the president first got word of it hours before his final State of the Union speech. Later details can further the criticism told President Obama and the Democratic Party itself.

While more information has been produced, one of the reasons the sailors were captured was due to the fact that they took a shortcut to make up time to get to a planned refueling point. It is yet not clear whether they were in deep need of fuel and supplies. The further change of course led to a series of unimaginable events that eventually led them into Iranian waters. Once the crew stopped to fix an engine problem, they unknowingly drifted to close to Iran’s Farsi Island’s. Supposedly the sailors didn’t know they drifted to close until the Iranian boats approached them.

Donald Trump commented on the events by saying, “I stood yesterday with 75 construction workers. They’re tough, they’re strong, and they’re great people. Half of them had tears pouring down their face. They were watching the humiliation of our young 10 sailors, sitting on the floor with their knees in a begging position, their hands up.”

President Obama worked with Iran to ensure a quick and easy delivery of their sailors by as early as Wednesday. Jake Mortensen (9) stated in an interview, “ I am deeply happy that the sailors returned to their ships safely, and that they are back home” With all the drama going on between the U.S. and Iran, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that if The President listened to all his critics, U.S. would most likely be at war with Iran.