Republican Debate High’s and Lows

Brandon Russell, photojournalist

The sixth debate between the Republicans too place on Thursday Night for their first presidential fight of 2016. Standing center-stage, the front-runner Donald Trump towered over the field with brutal verbal attacks at the top contenders on the stage. The few who took him on showed fear in which is just another sign of his dominance.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are among the front-runners in this year’s presidential run. Although, they weren’t the only candidates who were perceived as winners during the sixth debate. According to among the winners of the night’s group were also, Chris Christie and the notorious Nikki Haley. Christie delivered the strongest debate performance of the establishment of candidates as he continued on about his record as a governor.

While The Texas senator began to dismiss Trump’s questions about his “natural-born” status as ridiculous by introducing questions about Trump’s own eligibility given the billionaire’s Scottish-born mother. Cruz also established the cases on Gun control, immigrations, and the economy. “When even the candidate you criticized on national television talks you up as a “friend,” you know you’ve got influence.” Stated Nikki Haley who has become quite the upcoming front-runner as the race moves forward.

Among the losers of the night’s debate were Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich. Facing a rough campaign the candidates among the losing group are far from being done. Ben Carson stated, “ Even with the campaign in turmoil and slipping down the poles, my mind is set on bouncing back,”

The senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, started off strong with introducing his opening topic as beating Hillary Clinton. One reason the night got away from him was that he allowed the other candidates including Christie to take advantage of Rubio in key spots. Rubio’s major lost came when he lost the duel between him and Christie for the first national primary state of New Hampshire.

Matt Serrao (9) stated ” I believe that Donald’s ideas are double sided, because his ideas can help us and hurt us,”

On the other hand, Jeb Bush the former Florida governor started off strong and concise in his delivery. While during the topic of banning Muslims from the U.S. he seemed to lose his argument to Donald Trump in which looked like he mentally shut down after that. While Bush might have won on policy points, his appealing-to-the-head campaign is showing no signs of racking up a victory. The night was a big success for most of the candidates, although their campaigns are far from over, it is shaping up to a tough run to the finish.