Attention Fashionistas: 2016 Fashion Trends

Yeji Kim, Photojournalist

Attention all YLHS fashionistas!


A brand new year has arrived. A fresh start. A new beginning. A list of new fashion trends that you would not want to miss.

“2015 was indeed a great year for fashion,” said Theresa Tanubrata (12), “I am super excited for 2016 fashion trends because the fashion trends get better every year.”


Fashion has been a huge part in society and many individuals all over the world use fashion to express themselves. Every year, the fashion industry, celebrity trend setters, and designers bring new style trends for us to enjoy. Let’s take a look at the new, stylish fashion trends of 2016.


1. The Cold Shoulder

Cold shoulder tops with a peek-a-boo cutouts have been trendy for a few years. This year, fashion designers took the look into another level with lower cutouts, making the shoulder part more comfortable, breathable, and classy.


2. White Shirt Redux

The classic white button down shirt is a must have essential for Spring 2016. Those old white shirts that sit in your closet will make you stylish and trendy.


3. Dye For It

Instead of boring, solid colored garments, a ton of tie dyed shirts, blouses, and skirts and pants will be seen more often. For this year, tie dye colors and patterns are focused on the combination of vivid colors.


4. Lightweight Denim

Denim is still an all-time favorite. Dark lightweight denim dresses, shirts, and much more are a huge part of 2016 designer collections.


 5. Pink Please

Not everyone loves the color pink, but it gives off the vibe of warmth and comfort. The color pink is expected to dominate 2016. If you have tons of pink, then this year is yours.


6. Art & Fashion

Many art materials, including laces, leather pieces, studs, and different kinds of fabric, are added to create a unique style for the new year.


7. Spanish Influences

In addition to Spanish food, musical, and cultural influences to the world, many Spanish-inspired looks will be seen in 2016. Notable fashion designers such as Micheal Kors and Proenza Schouler have already put a hint of Spanish-inspired looks into their latest collections.


8. Modern Victorian Look

Inspired by the Victorian era, colorful stacks of flowers, puffy, old English sleeves, ruffles, and high necks are finally here in 2016.


9. Marled Sweaters

While keeping you cozy and warm, lightweight marled sweaters will give you an impeccable look for this Spring.