Technology Helping Students


photo courtesy of venturebeat

Lily Rajaee, Opinions Editor

Can you imagine not having the help of technology with schoolwork? not having powerpoint to make presentations? not having Google to help with a math problem? Today, students are completely dependent on technology to help aid them in their studies and research.


There is also strict competition between media sites to gain popularity among students and teens. One of the most useful technological advances that have led their way into classrooms is Google. Teachers now more than ever are using Google Classroom to connect with students and make it easier to share information. Logan Kent (11) said she likes “how easy it is to access homework and projects.”


Another popular feature is the Google Hangout option. This feature allows students to video chat with their peers for free and message each other. This has become an extremely useful tool for students, especially when group projects require communication between multiple people at the same time.


Skype has become aware of the growing number of competitors and has made some changes to its program to better suit the needs of modern students. This new feature involves being able to access Skype video chat on their app. Surely, this new update in Skype’s system will attract more students and workers to their app, because it is so much easier to video chat from a mobile device than from a computer screen.


Skype has also made new updates in its security measures. It has now officially hidden users’ IP addresses from other Skype users by default. This feature was designed with the intentions of making the site as safe as possible for all users. Security and privacy are important issues, and it is important to know that the internet applications you are using are secure and safe.


Microsoft also recently announced that Skype will now integrate with Slack, an application that is know for its collaboration features. This partnership was created in order to create a better experience for users and ultimately speed up the communication times.


Clearly, there are many changes being made to Skype and technology in general! Make sure you keep your apps updated and refreshed, because they are constantly being made better and more powerful for users to enjoy. These applications surely make everyone’s lives easier in some way. Whether it is talking to friends, working on school projects, or organizing a business call, applications like Skype and its competitors do their best to make our lives as simple as can be.