Career Day Reflection


Lily Rajaee, photojournalist

Every year, Yorba Linda High School welcomes a number of local businesses and successful individuals to visit campus and participate in the annual Career Day event. Students look forward to this day, because it is a fun experience to take a break from their normal schedules, and they have the opportunity to talk to real people who might be practicing their future profession.


In addition to gaining great information about different careers, Brandon Kuo (11) said that it is also fun to get “free stuff.” The career jobs varied from doctors to engineers to business owners and more, with a lot of different people sharing about they love to do for a living and why. This is a very beneficial program for students, especially juniors and seniors who are getting ready for college and thinking about what they might want to major in.


The YLHS PTSA hosted the event and did their best to show their appreciation for the guest’s appearances. PTSA students escorted the guests to their corresponding classroom and tried to make them feel welcome to our campus.


We all know the feeling of being asked: “What college are you going to? Do you know what you want to major in?” Family members often times bombard teenagers with these questions, not because they want to annoy the students, but because they care about that person’s future. Career day opened up some of these opportunities for students and allowed them to see a presentation about any topic they wished. Some students were even pleasantly surprised to find that they liked job they never even considered before.


Additionally, career day offered a great chance for students to see how much education and working experience they need in order to become successful in that field. For example, the doctors explained how one must attend a four-year college, four years of medical school, about three years of residency, and then even more years of school if he or she would like to specialize in a certain topic. It is important for students to hear about how hard and long they must work, because it allows them to put their current lives into perspective and plan for their future accordingly.


Career day is always a fun day for students to get out of class and see people who are working in the real world. Students definitely appreciated the time and effort the career day speakers put into creating a beneficial experience for all.