Language Arts Honors class Field Trip to Holocaust Museum

Brandon Russell, Photojournalist

On November 16, 2015 the Language Arts classes took a field trip to the National Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles California. Mrs. Shay and Mr. Shanahan took their respective classes on different days of the week. Mrs. Shay’s class went to the museum on Tuesday while Mr. Shanahan went on Thursday. One of the points of going to the Holocaust museum was to get a better understanding of what the Holocaust really was. The students just finished up their first novel called “Night”.


The book is about a man named Elie Wiesel who was a child during the Holocaust, surviving the whole event. Therefore that is what inspired the teachers and the students to take this field trip.


Los Angeles Museum of The Holocaust boasts the west coast’s largest archive of documents, relics and other primary source materials from the Holocaust period (1933-1945). The museums interactive tours and amazing collections of books, magazines, pictures, and artifacts brings the whole environment together.


While touring the museum all the kids got to listen to a Holocaust survivor tell their story of how they somehow survived the Holocaust. One of the speakers for Mrs. Shay’s class were named Betty Cohen described her story in fascinating detail while also making some kids tear up while listening to her speak.


Jake Mortensen (9) of Mrs. Shay’s class stated “ The Museum of the Holocaust was very fascinating and informing at the same time, while also being a helpful tool for me to learn about the Holocaust,”


When the students were asked about what they thought of the field trip they were boasting with statements and questions to ask the teachers. Many couldn’t grasp the concept of what actual terrible things happened to these people during the time of the Holocaust. All in all both classes said they had an amazing time at the Holocaust Museum, and when asked if they would go back again, the answer was a resounding YES.