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Nathan Shube, Editor in Chief

Yorba Linda High School has been selected for a very special opportunity! The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) has offered a scholarship to the high school for participation in an education abroad program. The scholarship is for freshman, sophomores, and juniors, but the program is open to all grade levels, including seniors. In essence, the program is a school abroad. Students can travel to foreign countries and study anything from culture and language to career studies to dance to even service and leadership. In some cases, students will live with a host family with the time spent abroad varying depending on location and area of study.

This is a great experience that makes participation very accessible! All students need to do is send in their applications, which can be found here. The application is split into two parts, due February 1st. Part one of the application involves getting accepted to participate in the program itself; the second part is for the scholarship, which requires transcripts, a teacher recommendation, and a few brief essays. Yorba Linda High School students are eligible for up to  $20,000,  to be distributed among the various students who may apply.  Of course the amount an one student can receive can vary drastically. The scholarship is based on merit and need, so there is a sliding scale–any one student may receive 10-100% of the $20,000. “The benefits of participating in the program are immeasurable,” Representative Kelly Perry explained. “Number one, colleges are looking for students who have something more than just good grades.” Additionally, the academic programs are rigorous.  This scholarship presents an opportunity for students to study abroad, an opportunity that ordinarily most high school students would not get. Some of the locations include Japan, Mexico, Ghana, China, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Tanzania, and many more! If you are at all interested, take a look at the CIEE websites! There’s a perfect program for everyone!


Remember, everything is due by Feb. 1st, no exceptions!

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