The Who and the What of Ceramics

Vanessa Le, Photojournalist

During your years of high school, there are definitely some classes that you have to take that you think are boring, but are unfortunately mandatory. Ceramics is not one of those classes; it is considered as an art elective in which everyone and their mothers who have ever taken this class raves it to be worth your while. Here with me, I have Amber Braithwaite (12) to be one of those students and to answer any questions that you might have about this class:


V: Hi Amber! How long have you been in Ceramics?
A: This will be my second year taking Ceramics!

V: And how do you like it?

A: I love this class. It is definitely one of my favorites.

V: What’s your favorite thing about the class?

A: I love that I can just work on my piece and kind of just get out of my head. It’s a nice break in the day, but it still takes a little bit of work.

V: Do you like the teacher, Mr. Hendry? If so, why?

A: Mr. Hendry is amazing. He truly cares for each of his students and makes sure he has time for everyone.

V: Describe your favorite piece you’ve created so far. Why is it your favorite?

A: I am not sure I can pick a favorite. I am fortunate enough that most of all my pieces have come out great; I don’t have a single piece that I haven’t put to use.

V: Describe your the most difficult piece you’ve created so far.
A: Every piece I make has something to it that makes it a little difficult. I wouldn’t say I’ve had a hardest piece, but I have definitely had some time-consuming pieces.

V: Do you have any big future project in mind?
A: At the moment, I am trying to figure out my concentration for my AP portfolio, so I haven’t figured out all my projects for this year yet. Sometimes, I don’t even know what I’m making until I’ve made it.

V: Do u recommend taking this class? If so, why?
A: I do recommend this class, even if you aren’t super artsy (which can come in handy). It is also a great class to express yourself.


And there you have it, Amber Braithwaite on Ceramics, everybody! After reading my questions and her responses about Ceramics, I hope we’ve cleared some questions that you might have had about taking the class! If you had to take at least one thing out of this article, it should be that if you want to take this class, expect some nice down-time to yourself and meet some great people who may or may not have the same crafty abilities as you. Get out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to try something new.