New Drone Restrictions


photo courtesy of filmmakeriq

Lily Rajaee, News Editor

We live in an age in which technology is quickly advancing. These advancements are surely fun and exciting to bear witness, especially with the newest popularity surrounding drones.


Drones are becoming more and more prevalent and common to see in every-day-life settings. One particular quality that a drone possesses is the capability to take stunning pictures by having a strong camera attached to the moving device. These drones have been used to capture footages in weddings, take pictures at parties, and even take attractive videos of school campuses (YLHS!).


With this sudden population of drones on the market, the government is also trying to create some kind of regulation on these devices, so that it is safer and more organized by having individuals register before purchase. Also, there are many new rules and regulations that must be followed when maneuvering a drone in order to make sure there are no laws being broken.

  1. Never fly over private property without the explicit permission of the owner.
  2. Do not fly within a five mile radius of any airport or manned aircraft.

There are also many rules that should be followed by drone owners that simply concern the safety of the individual controlling the instrument.

3. Do not fly over people other than the ones flying the device.

4. Always keep the flight under 400 feet

5. Take lessons from a professional before use.

6. Always have a second person looking out for any threats around the premise.

7. Do not fly in rainy, unpredictable weather.


The government is surely trying to enforce stricter regulations regarding the housing of a drone purely with the intentions of creating a safer, more enjoyable experience for society. Presumably, you will be seeing even more drones around the neighborhood as their sales continue to skyrocket around the nation.


Who would have thought that it would one day be possible to take pictures and videos from high up in the sky? Jacob Yee (11) says he thinks it’s “really cool how people use drones for special event pictures these days.” Technology has definitely impacted our society and will surely continue to shape the way we look at the world.