Spotlight: Yearbook

The Class That Puts Your School Yearbook Together

Nikita Kheni, News Editor


Some may think that yearbook is an easy class, that there’s not much work involved. However, it is actually quite the contrary. Yearbook is a production class that pulls together a variety of skills where students learn how to produce a publication in a student-directed environment.

In yearbook, student learn to develop leadership skills, design and enhance layouts, write story copy and captions, take photos, understand and employ the ethical decisions essential in making a yearbook, meet all deadlines in a real-world application. Assignments and projects, such as the responsibility of design, layout, and completion of assigned pages, are completed with groups or partners, which emphasizes teamwork and cooperation. Each staff member is responsible for managing their time and dedicating hours outside of school to the class.

There must be participation, responsibility, and maturity to be a part of the staff. Students must be organized, committed, and self-starters. They are required to be able to cover events when needed and work efficiently with other students to overcome setbacks and problems (like tagging, captioning, and scheduling difficulties.)

This year, the staff has a total of twenty-nine members and they are split into six groups. Each group chooses the pages they would like to work on for each deadline, and after they choose their pages, they get started right away coming up with titles for each page, taking photos for their assigned pages, and writing captions and copy.

Editor-in-chief Sarah Heckel (12) states, “My job entails designing double-page spread templates, editing, and aiding the yearbook staffers in completing double-page spreads, and organizing the class.”

The yearbook also includes a DVD highlighting the year’s events made by the video productions class.  

Yearbook sale prices for this year:

September 12 – December 18: $130 w/ASB $155 w/o

January 4 – April 30: $140 w/ASB $165 w/o

May 1 – June 17: $150 w/ASB $175 w/o