Donald Trump: President Material or Not?

Donald Trump during the Republican debate. Photo courtesy of

Hailee Ramirez, Photojournalist

Donald Trump went from being a television entertainer to a current political candidate. He is either despised or beloved by U.S. citizens. After years of watching Donald Trump’s television show when aired, it can be inferred that Donald Trump has an insurmountable amount attitude and is never afraid to express it in public. During the Republican Debate on CNN, he was extremely temperamental with his fellow political candidates and then preceded to gloat about how much money he has, stating, “I’ve made billions and billions of dollars”. Is this how a president is supposed to act–immature and unprofessional– that’s exactly how he’s portraying himself. The US President is supposed to be, in theory, the most professional representation of this country that exists. Donald Trump is certainly not displaying these attributes towards his political peers nor U.S. citizens.


Of course not only does Donald Trump act inexperienced, but he also had the guts to question Barack Obama’s birthplace, our current president for almost 6 years. Barack Obama even gave Mr. Trump his birth certificate which clearly states that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and yet Donald Trump is still in uncertainty. According to Huffington Post, Donald Trump clearly states “Now, whether or not that was a real certificate, because a lot of people question it … I certainly question it” If Donald Trump cared about the U.S. and the leaders in charge, he would not continuously question the president of the United States’ birthplace.


Mr. Trump states that he will make “America Great Again” by creating an Immigration reform consisting of three core principles. These three principles are as followed, a nation without borders, laws, and does not serve its own citizens is not a nation, according to the official Donald Trump website. I completely disagree with this because you cannot just make a country more efficient by making other countries and possibly your own citizens dislike you. If Trump actually made this happen it would show his racism because he’s basically is showing that other ethnicities are not superior to Americans, which would most definitely create uproar.


“I dislike him because his view on what America should be is wrong,” and “I feel he is just doing all of this for publicity and does not really care,” states Julia Mora (10). This is exactly how I feel because Donald Trump may be a great entertainer, but was never fit for president material due to his lack of maturity, manners, and sophistication.