Surviving Post-AP Season

Surviving Post-AP Season

Heather Gammon, Co-Editor-in-Chief

If you’re a hardcore nerd like me, life after AP testing can be rough. By no means is it as intense as Pre-AP season, what with all the 24 hour marathon study sessions spent preparing for the exams(wait, is that just me?). But Post-AP season is tough in a different way.

You walk out of your AP Exams, exhilarated, euphoric, emotional. The end has come. You might just regain your sanity without coffee now. But after the initial stage of bliss, you start to notice that something has changed…(yes, for all you Wicked fans, you can sing that).

After becoming accustomed to piles of homework, after spending endless hours slogging away, after studying your you-know-what off—it’s over. The long slots of time after school that once were filled with mindless memorization are now free and clear, leaving you feeling restless, as if you are supposed to be doing something.

Never fear! Here are some ideas to keep you busy and fill in that gaping hole left by your freshly finished AP classes(I’m only semi-sarcastic here.)

Get a job

I mean it! While you can never have too many academic qualifications, some real life work experience can do you good as well. Hey, you’ve got the time now. Working teaches responsibility and can also reinforce subjects learned in school(it doesn’t hurt to brush up on simple addition). There’s also the added bonus of spending money, which is incentive enough in it of itself. So get your head out of those books and go get a job!

Take a hike

Again, not being sarcastic here, but sincere(ok, 99% sincere). Answer this honestly, when was the last time you went on a walk? If the answer is “not recently,” then this is the perfect activity for to take up. Not only do walks for at least 30 minutes a day help you reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and lower the risk of obesity, they are also a great opportunity to get some fresh air after being stuck in school all day. The radiant sun on your back, a slight breeze ruffling your hair, the crisp air filling your lungs—this is heaven. And if you don’t like walking solo, bring a pal(they need the exercise too).

Read a book

I know, you read this and gasp; after all, you just spent almost a whole school year reading for your AP classes. But what I’m suggesting is different. What I am suggesting to you is to rediscover the love of reading. Sure, the AP US History textbook wasn’t the most scintillating read, but don’t let that dull your passion for books you really love. Read your favorite series another time(for me, that’s all the Harry Potter books for the seventh time) or go browsing on Amazon to discover a new favorite. Whatever you do, don’t let the mandatory reading for your AP classes ruin reading as an experience for you. Reading’s still fun. Promise.


Overall, just pat yourself on the back for making it through your AP Exams. YOU DID IT. It’s over. You can sleep now. So take a deep breath, enjoy what time you have by making yourself useful in some way or another, because here comes AP Summer homework(sorry to end on such a bummer note). Sound off on the comments below about what you’ll be doing Post-AP season.