Movie in Review: The Age of Adaline

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Nicole Truong, Co-Sports Editor

The Age of Adaline stars Blake Lively, alongside Harrison Ford and Michiel Huisman. It was released on April 24 in theaters all throughout America and beat out Mad Max, which also premiered the same opening weekend. It is rated PG-13 and has a running time of 1 hour and 50 minutes.


Blake Lively stars in this beautiful film about a young woman who never ages due to an accident. The movie chronicles the listless life Adaline must live in order to conceal her phenomenon. It details how, during the Red Scare, she was first forced to flee her daughter in order to avoid being persecuted as a communist. Throughout Adeline’s life, she has never been able to become close to anyone or move past her first husband, who died in an accident, until she meets Ellis Jones.


Ellis persists in his efforts to know Adaline, although Adaline tries to avoid him and tell him they have no future together because she is once again moving in a few months. Ellis and Adaline soon build their relationship, and this culminates into a weekend trip to Ellis’s parents’ house to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Here, the movie reaches its climax as Ellis’s father, William Jones, played by Harrison Ford, eventually realizes that Ellis’s girlfriend, whose current name was Jessica, was the same love of his life whom he had met when he was also in his 20’s. With this realization, William Jones begs Adaline to tell Ellis her secret and to not run away and leave another Jones broken hearted.


Adaline, overly emotional with William’s realization and subsequent plea, drives away from the Jones’ estate. It was on this drive that she once again got into another accident, this one with the same exact conditions that first stopped her aging. Because of this, Adaline Bowman’s cells were regenerated and the natural aging process once again continued. Adaline shares her secret with Ellis, and Adaline is able to finally live a normal life.


This romantic drama may, yes have been at some points obvious and seemingly coincidental, but Blake Lively’s portrayal of Adaline was a stunning performance, and she perfectly delivers a realistic characterizations. Both Harrison Ford and Michiel Huisman’s acting was also as moving, and overall, this film does a beautiful job of developing a love story in odd conditions. Junior Kaila Labrador (11) states, “I thought this movie was really good and I loved it.”


Although there have been many romantic movies, The Age of Adaline stands out for its character development and beautiful portrayals by talented actors.