Power of Drones


photo courtesy of CNN.com

Lily Rajaee, Photojournalist

Drones are a recently developed device in the world of technology. Since these devices have only recently been opened to the market, people around the world in different world fields are trying to see how they could use the drones to assist their work. In more depth, drones are being used by firefighters to help them in the difficult fights against wildfires.

Wildfires are becoming increasing occurrent and dangerous due to the extreme dry air and high temperatures. Therefore, firefighters could use all the help they can get from new technology. Drones allow the fire departments to access more information more efficiently and for a much more reasonable price. They can gather more data about the status of fire conditions than is currently available to firefighters. After the drone captures images and visuals of the fire from the sky, it is capable of instantly sending the graphics to firefighters on the ground. Obviously, this is a huge advantage. When firefighters have a more direct, clear idea of the location and enormity of the destruction, they can utilize their supplies and focus on taming the areas that require their most immediate attention.

The use of drones to collect information is also a much cheaper alternative to using helicopters or planes. It is estimated that a drone costs as little as two thousand dollars for an eight-hour flight; this is the same price as a manned flight for one hour. Drones also have the capability to sky in flight for a few days, allowing the fire department to constantly track the progression of the fire from their headquarters.

Today, firefighters are already using their smartphones and tablets in order to stay connected and receive updates about the fire’s activity. This is great; however, these electronic devices cannot function without sufficient internet service or areas with no service. On the other hand, drones can function even over dead zones. This allows the fire department to always have access to data, even when there is no internet connection. Morgan Lui (10) is pleased by the new technological advances and comments, “I think drones could be a great new change for our community. They could help save so many homes in the future.”

People around the world are similarly pleased with the new advantages that come with the capabilities of drones in the work force.