Student Loans Getting Out of Hand?

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Nikhil Patolia, Photojournalist

It has been reported that a whopping 40 million people are plagued with unpaid student loans.  Now with the amount students that pursue a higher education increasing, paying for tuition is becoming a more relevant problem in society.  These student loan debts are often large sums of money that must be payed back to the respecting universities with the average student loan debt coming in at $30,000.


“This is an outrageous amount of money to pay just to further my education so I can get a better job”, says Ashtray Kapuria (10).  These loans are hitting the students hard and to make matters even worse, 22 states have now passed laws that allow the revocation of your drivers license for failing to pay off student loan debts.  This law obviously has both positive and negative consequences as with many laws that get passed.


The positive effects of this law are directed to everyone other than the students with the student debt.  This new pressure of having a drivers license revoked at the cost of not paying back thousands of dollars in debt will cause the students to have a greater incentive to try and pay back the debt as soon as possible.  Having this new law also helps the institution that is the reason for the debt get there money sooner so that they can fund activities and fund reconstruction which will in turn benefit the students.


On the other hand,  the negative effect of this new law is that the students that possess this debt are put into a worse position than they were before.  Without the ability to drive, there is no way for them to be able to drive to their job without the assistance of another person at all times.  This is clearly a huge inconvenience  for the students and actually causes them to take even longer to pay off their debts.