YLHS Golden Ribbon School?

Nathan Shube, A & E Editor

In 2013, Yorba Linda High School, then only in existence for four years, became a California Distinguished School, an illustrious honor for such a young school. Under normal circumstances, the school would be unable to apply for this distinction again until 2017. However, because this honor was so closely tied to the old method of state testing and API scores, the founders of this recognition had to create a new one, Gold Ribbon School. Because this is a new recognition, one tied closely to a “signature practice”, Yorba Linda High School was able to apply this year.

After an extensive application process, one that outlined YLHS’s unique application of a school-wide Step Up to Writing program, YLHS successfully got through phase one of the process and was granted a visitation by a committee whose task was to validate the practice reported on in the application. “The application process involved pulling together data and evidence from many sources, all of which demonstrated YLHS’s exceptional commitment to writing” said Mrs. Shube, one of the primary authors of the written application. On Wednesday, March 25, the committee came and interviewed groups of parents/teachers/staff, observed students working on writing in various classroom settings, and shifted through binders and crates of evidence. Although the committee could not confirm the school would receive a Gold Ribbon School designation, they were very impressed with the school and its writing program. In addition to the Golden Ribbon visitation, a supplemental recognition, the Exemplar Arts Program, is in process as well. The visitation for that award was on April 14th. Stay tuned for the official notification on both programs!