Demand for Ending Police Violence

Photo courtesy of

Lily Rajaee, Photojournalist

Throughout history people have demanded change through the means of peaceful demonstration and protests. In current times, people are angry and frustrated with the recent rise in the amount of stories involving police violence. Even since the Ferguson incident, where police officer Darren Wilson fatally shot an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown, protester and people around the world are questioning certain police officers’ morals.

Even today in 2015, the issue of racism is still alive and prevalent in some individuals around the world. Recently, the news has seen a great amount of incidents that support the notion that police brutality. Consequently, people around the nation are standing up and demanding a stop to police brutality.

On April 14th demonstrators in downtown Los Angeles took to the streets their anger and determination to create change. This group of protestors particularly caught the eye of the media, because they stood in the middle of Metro Blue Line train tracks and refused to move. Los Angeles county sheriffs were amazed by the persistence and bold move made by these individuals. Each member of the crowd held up signs reading something similar to “STOP BRUTALITY BY POLICE.” These signs were seen by all surrounding crowds as well as aired on televisions and displayed on social media sites. After much commotions and disruption caused by blocking the train tracks, police arrested 15 protesters and broke up the demonstration.

Obviously, the protestors had to face consequences for the disruption of the city’s transportation system and refusal to cooperate with the police. Nevertheless, they were able to create awareness for their cause by succeeding to share their frustration with the rest of the country. Mustangs also believe that this was a successful way to make the country listen to their demands. Brian Lee (10) commented on this issue by saying, “I think protesting is a good way to demand change, because it allows your voice to be heard and projected through the media.”

The demonstration in LA was surely only a small portion of the large scene of anti-police brutality missions around the United States.