Cinderella Movie Review


Artwork by Ellie Yoo

Shera Brady, Photojournalist

The new Cinderella movie has everyone – parents, children, teenagers – talking. The perfectly modified rendition of Disney’s most iconic princess hit theaters in the form of real live actors that have audiences raving.


The role of Cinderella was played by Lily James, who originally auditioned as a step-sister. Her portrayal of the blonde beauty was spectacular, a performance countered only by Cate Blanchett, who stepped into the role of the wicked step-mother.

The first twenty minutes of the movie were just as, if not more, heartbreaking as Up, when Cinderella loses he gorgeous mom, and later, her newly remarried father. Besides the addition of Cinderella’s birth parents, the main difference between this version and the original was the amount of depth behind each character. Cinderella was good and kind because that’s what her parents taught her, and the movie portrayed that patience being tested so poignantly that it she became human, as did her step mom, whose disdain for the girl gradually grew into a hatred born from jealousy. She was, essentially, a mother who sacrificed her own happiness in order to do right by her biological children, and would stop at nothing to ensure that they were well taken care of, despite if it was morally correct. These struggles are something most people can relate to, making audiences forget that the story was just a 65 year old fairytale.

However, the best part of this movie was the aesthetics. The scenery was beautiful countryside, the house was quaint and rustic, and the dresses were floral and hugged her body perfectly — an aspect that sparked controversy among viewers. Some claimed that James’ waist was so skinny that it was worrisome, but senior Rachel Kazemi disagrees. “I loved that movie. I saw it three times in one week. Her waist is tiny, but that’s all part of method acting. She was just playing a role.”

The size of her waist is inversely related to her talent as an actress and the movie in general. The show was the perfect blend of the original version and modern day, leaving audiences with smiles on their faces and exceeded expectations.