Flight Forward

Flight Forward


Hannah Kim, Photojournalist

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of airplanes and airplane tickets? A whole lot of money? Rightfully so. Airline tickets are so pricey, they sometimes even cost more than the trip itself. Traveling is incredibly hectic and stressful and the preparations to find your gate, load your luggage, and wait for take off can be a big hassle. So, the airline JetBlue, has decided to do something refreshing and never done before. “I’ve heard about JetBlue’s ‘feel good’ acts. It’s totally cool that an airline would be responsible for so many people’s happiness!” Lillian Nasr (11).


JetBlue airlines is known for hosting many heart-melting deeds like hosting a wedding proposal, surprising immigrants with flights home, and even delivering gifts 50,000 feet in the air for an engaged couple. Now, JetBlue airlines has decided to add on to their list of “feel-good” acts. They had decided to implement a “flight forward” plan, or more formally known as the “Flying It Forward” program. The flight forward plan is a chain of free flights gifted from one person to the next.


This chain reaction had started with a flight given to Tameka Lawson, a Chicago local who had wanted to go to a conference in New York to represent her non-profit organization. JetBlue heard about her story and flew her to New York for free with only one condition- she must “pass the flight along” to someone else in need. Someone who needed a plane ticket just like her. Tameka had passed the flight on to a Teena Katz, who was handicap after a subway accident. Then, Katz passed on a flight to a street artist so that he may paint more of his work around the country. Then, the flight was passed on to fly a passenger to Haiti in order for him to build his neighborhood library. Then, it was passed on to a mother from Portland who had needed a plane ticket to attend a family reunion.


JetBlue’s flight forward program has flown 10 people to 8 cities over 5 months, and this chain reaction is not planning on ending any time soon. “This is so refreshing. This program really taught me to think about others and do something to make their lives even a little bit better.” Kelly Fagan (11).


JetBlue wants everyone to know about this program not for fame or attention, but so that more and more people are able to learn about this program and so many more people can be rewarded with free flights.


So Mustangs, lets all come out of our little bubble and start thinking of others. Let’s stop being so self absorbed and start thinking of others. Let’s help each other grow, change, and succeed.