The Homeless Help Us

Hannah Kim, Photojournalist

From time to time, we can see a person on the sidewalk asking for money or sleeping under newspapers. We usually feel pity for these people or we try not to look at them and do a hurried little scuttle past them. We think of them as unfortunate, pitiful, and depressing. But, who would ever have ever thought that the homeless may save us? That was what the world witnessed when a homeless person named Shelby Hudgens and his dog, pushed multiple cars that had broken down in the middle of a snows storm in Colorado Springs. It seems that once Shelby started with one car that would be it. That was definitely not the case. Car after car he pushed them up over a hill to ensure the passengers had made it to safety. “I would have never thought a homeless person would be Superman!” Kelly Fagan (11).


More and more drivers had witnessed Hudgen’s kindness and began offering him food, but a woman named Sarah Webster went above and beyond and started a fundraiser for Hudgens on a GoFundMe page she had set up and had raised $2,000. He was then offered a job by someone who had seen his story.


But, stories about the homeless “saving” us us not rare. For example, in December, a homeless mad had given his last few dollars to a woman named Dominique Harrison-Bentzen to pay for her cab ride home. So touched and inspired, Dominique had raised $32,000 to sponsor the homeless man that had given his last few dollars, not knowing when he would ever get that money again. “This honestly restores hope in humanity.” Bella Delara (11).


Also, in September of 2013, a homeless man from Boston named Glen James, had found a backpack with over $40000 in it. Surprisingly, he had turned the backpack into the police. But, his deed did not go unseen, Ethan Whittington had started a fundraising page for the homeless Mr. James and went on to raise $150,000 for his commendable act. It shocked Mr. Whittington to see that someone with nothing, with nothing to lose, would turn in a backpack that would have forever changed his life.


These “acts of kindness” continue to go viral and stir our hearts because it gives us a glimmer of hope in humanity. It lets us be hopeful that others will be influenced by the “acts of kindness”. It allows people to feel good about the world and to hope for more days like this. There is an unfair stigma about homeless people- homeless people are less “humane” than those who have a home and that homeless people “deserve” to be living the way they are, which is definitely not the case most of the time. Hudgens is thankful for the people that have supported him and had heard his story, but he did not do it for attention, he did it because it was the right thing.


“I’d rather make the world a better place, It’s not all about me and I’ve got enough to get by.” said Hudgens.


So Mustangs, we should all think about ways we can help the world become a little brighter. We should all make a mark on this world, no matter how big or small, because there us no such thing as an act too big or too small. So, lets get to it. Let’s make this world a better place.