85 Degrees: Not Just a Number

85 Degrees: Not Just a Number

Rachel Seo, Photojournalist


To some, it’s just a number.


To the thousands of individuals who swarm there for fresh taro bread, coffee, and dozens of other pastries, though, it’s a movement.


According to the official website, the bakery 85 Degrees originated in Taiwan after its founder decided to create a five-star bakery that sold pastries at affordable prices. The name 85 Degrees stuck after company executives decided that 85 degrees Celsius was the best temperature for coffee. (Later, they determined that the eighty-five degrees, the equivalent of 185 degrees Fahrenheit, was too hot for drinking. The name stayed, though.) In 2008, it expanded to the U.S., specifically in Southern California, where residents quickly learned to love 85’s consistently delicious fresh breads and pastries. Since then, the chain has grown to include locations in San Diego, Pasadena, Fullerton, Irvine, and Buena Park.


85’s menu focuses on coffee, bread, cake, and tea. Breads include a variety of different styles, ranging from rum raisin toast to French cheese bread, to raisin milk butter bread and its famous taro breads, both marble and swirled. Customers can also order boba (also known as bubble tea) and marble taro smoothies, along with a wide selection of different drinks, to complement their pastry choices. Coffee made from Guatemalan coffee beans is also available, as well as a wide array of cakes–tiramisu, cheesecake, and creme brulee, as well as cream puffs.


Students here at YLHS love the bakery. Although the nearest one is around twenty minutes away and Caitlin Hui (10) only goes there about once a month, she really likes their taro bread. The appeal for her, she says, is “when fresh bread comes out and the staff yells, ‘Fresh bread!’”Another student, Kaylee Nguyen (10) likes “their egg tarts and pastries” and loves it because “the breads and pastries are really fresh. There’s a lot of people that go there so the breads are usually replaced daily.”


85 Degrees holds plenty of appeal for all customers. Since its ambiance is laid-back and its food isn’t too messy, it might be the place for a first or double date, or just a night out with friends. Beware of the weekend crowd, though–there’s almost always a line out the door!