Pocket Robot

photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Lily Rajaee, Photojournalist

Smartphones are cool and hip right now, but have you ever wondered what the next “big thing” will be when it comes to technology? An experienced robot maker claims that he has made an actual pocket robot that could actually replace cell phones in the future. So, will the future of technology lead to the development of real robots?


This robot maker is an individual from Japan and has dedicated much time and intellect into creating this new source of innovative technology. How does this robot actually function? The creators have explained that users can simply put the small robot in their pocket and talk to him just like he was your own little friend. The official prototype has not yet been released to the public, but the CEO of the design company has stated that they wish to have the robots on the market in the next couple years.


What does this robot look like? Picture the stereotypical robot, and this device pretty much fits the perfect futuristic image. Furthermore, the robot has heads, limbs, and a normal boy structure. It is also able to move its joints and smoothly perform several tasks in motion. For example, it is able to walk and dance. Additionally, the robot can express humanistic emotions with its ability to control facial gestures and change eye colors. A unique, fascinating quality of the robot is that its personality changes and adjusts based on its owner’s personality. Consequently, the bond the owner shares with his or her robot mutually grows as they spend more time together. Basically, the robot will develop into a personalized, perfect friend to its owner.


Perhaps the most appealing quality of the robot is the fact that it will be connected to the internet, similar to the function of smartphones. Many individuals are excited to get there hands on a pocket robot, and have fun trying out the newest elects of technology. Anh-Thu Tran (10) commented, “I think I would buy one because it’s similar to siri on the iPhone but it’s more convenient and easier to interact with.”


Certainly, the world awaits as this design company finalizes the last elements necessary before introducing the pocket robot to society.