2015 Top “Dream Colleges”

Yeji Kim, Photojournalist

What is your dream college?

If you’re a high school student, it’s time to start thinking about your top college choices and what you want to study once you begin your college.

Recently, the Princeton Review, a test preparation and college admission services company, revealed the list of 2015 “dream colleges” by surveying students and parents on what college they would like to attend if acceptance and tuition was not an issue. Joann Fu (11) comments, “Every year, I look up for this list. It gives me a motivation to work harder and aim higher.”

Here are top 10 “dream colleges” students want to attend and parents want their child to go to:

10. University of California- Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA is the largest UC campus located in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. UCLA rated No.2 public university in international rankings and No.23 in the 2015 edition of Best Colleges. Based on number of admission applications, UCLA is the most popular college in the nation.

9. University of Notre Dame (UND)

UND is a private catholic institution located near South Bend, Indiana. According to the 2015 edition of Best Colleges, UND ranked No.16.

8. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (UMICH)

UMICH is a public university located in Michigan and is considered as one of the most top research universities in the United States. UMICH ranked No.29 in the 2015 edition of Best Colleges.

7. Columbia University

Columbia is a private Ivy League institution located in the city of New York. It is the oldest university of higher learning in New York City. Columbia ranked No.4 in the 2015 edition of Best Colleges.

6. New York University (NYU)

NYU is a private research institution based in New York City. NYU is known for being the largest private university and sending more students to study abroad than any other US university or college. According to the 2015 edition of Best Colleges, NYU ranked No.32.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is famous for research and education in the physical sciences and engineering. MIT ranked No.7 in U.S. News and World Report’s annual rankings of the United States’ best colleges and universities.

4. Yale University

Yale is a private Ivy League located in Connecticut and is well known for its excellent drama and music program. Yale’s ranked No.3 in the 2015 edition of Best Colleges.

3. Princeton University

Princeton University, a private institution well known for their consistently strong men’s and women’s lacrosse teams, is the fourth oldest college in the United States. It is the wealthiest school in the United States and is located in Princeton, New Jersey.

2. Harvard College

One of the most prestigious schools in the world, Harvard, is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard is the very first institution of higher learning in the United States.

1. Stanford University

Stanford is a private research university in Stanford, California. Stanford is known for its highest undergraduate selectivity in United States and overall athletic team achievement.