The Fresh Taste of Pi Day


Andrew Kessler

Alexis Rangel and Erin Vitelli feeding pie friendly to each other

Robin Yoo, Photojournalist

Pi Day was celebrated a day early at Yorba Linda High School this year. The activities took place during lunch in the quad. All students and teachers enjoyed a fun-filled event that included eating pies and enjoying special contests. Caroline Birchfield (10) commented, “I liked seeing all of the amazing posters that were put up, and I liked eating the pie.” “I very much enjoyed watching and rooting for those who participated in the Pie eating contest as they stuffed their faces in attempt to finish first,” said Catherine Kieu (10).

Pi Day is on March 14 because the first three digits of the decimal for Pi are 3, 1, and 4. Pi Day is extra special this year, because 2015 stretches the symbolic March 14 celebration out a little longer to 3.1415.

Yorba Linda High School held four big contests for Pi Day: Pi poster-making, pie-eating, Pie reciting, and pie-throwing. YLHS student Ellie Yoo (11) won 1st place in the Pi poster contest. Grant Wetteland (12) won his fourth straight pie eating contest. Robin Yoo (10) won the Pi reciting contest, successfully calling out 198 digits of Pi from memory and smashing the school record of 138.

The 2015 Pi Day was a remarkable event for all students and teachers. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all participants.