Flying Cars: Coming Soon?

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Lily Rajaee, Photojournalist

Flying cars: the idea seems to0 foreign and crazy to the world. When one thinks about flying cars, they think of a scene from a futuristic, sci-fi movie. However, flying cars could be available to the market as soon as 2017.

The Slovakian AeroMobil is excited to announce that all consumers will be able to purchase a flying car from their company in just two years. This company has been meticulously working on this project for the last few years, eager to complete the prototype for this exciting new vehicle. This vehicle can function as a normal car, capable of driving down any typical street. Additionally, it can also function as a safe plane with the ability to fly through the sky. The official prototype has been tested to fly for about 435 miles straight on a full tank of gasoline. Like a typical plane, it has convenient features such as autopilot. AeroMobil has also made sure to make this plane safe to all consumers as they have designed an automatic parachute system for cases of an emergency.

Understandably, the flying car is presumed to be extremely pricey and appropriate for only the most pristine financial suitors. Officials have said that the first flying cars made available on the market will cost approximately a few hundred thousand dollars. Despite this pricey number, the world is surely filled with a great number of buyers eager for the first opportunity to become an owner to their own personal flying car.
Richard Yoo (10) commented, “I am excited for this new innovative invention and cannot wait to see it.” Like Richard, people around the world are impressed by how far technology has taken society in the past few year. It is truly remarkable how rapidly technology is advancing at this day and age.

Clearly, the idea of a flying car on the market is exciting to think about. This new vehicle will surely add a new element of wonder to the field of technology and transportation.