How Do Our Key Club Presidents Feel?


Photo courtesy of Canyon High School Key Clubber, Chi Le. Roger Fang (left) is giving a speech to Region 3. Jeffery Song, an active Key Club member, and Evelyn Chan at the Key Club event, Light the Night Walk.

Angela Chuang, Photojournalist

How do you feel?  We feel good; oh we feel so good.  Oh!  We feel fine, all of the time!  Abooga, Abooga, Abooga, Booga! Booga!  Ask an active Key Club member how he or she feels, and this is the response you should get (with a cute dance with it too).  If he or she is feeling really good, throw in a “REMIX!” after the cheer and watch the Key Club member cheer even more.  Key Club International is a non-profit that is student-run and aspires to provide high school students with different opportunities to build leadership character and serve their community.  Run by co-presidents Evelyn Chan and Roger Fang and advised by Mr. Buchan, Key Club at Yorba Linda High School has had the most successful year since it was first started a few years ago.

Key Club International was founded in 1925 when it became the first service program for high school students.  However, Key Club isn’t just for high school students.  Circle K is a program for college students. K-Kids is for elementary students.  Builders Club is for middle school students, and these are all part of the large organization known as Kiwanis International.  Kiwanis was founded in 1915 (it just celebrated its 100th birthday this year!), and since then, it has been serving countless children around the world.

Key Club is divided into different sections based on location.  First, there are high school clubs, and high school clubs are grouped into something called divisions.  Divisions have multiple schools in them, and each division has a mascot and a color.  Yorba Linda High School is in Division 4 East (D4East) along with Canyon, Esperanza, Beckman, El Modena, Foothill, Orange County School of the Arts, Orange Lutheran, Orange, Tustin, and Villa Park.  Division 4 East’s mascot is orange goldfish.  Divisions are then grouped into regions, and D4East is in Region 3.  Regions are then grouped into districts, and Region 3 is in the district called “Cali-Nev-Ha”.  Cali-Nev-Ha contains regions from California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

At Yorba Linda High School, Key Club has been making big waves.  Both Chan and Fang have sacrificed countless hours to make Key Club successful and popular for the Mustangs.  They have both stayed up to late hours of the night creating power points for meetings, woken up at peculiar hours to go volunteer with Key Club, and spent many hours over the weekends at Division Committee Meetings, or DCMs.  Needless to say, as their presidential terms come to an end, Roger and Evelyn have had an extremely successful year.

This year, Evelyn and Roger have helped our Key Club earn multiple awards.  For our division, the two presidents gained the title of “Most Improved Club”, and Roger was named “November Officer of the Month.”  This year at District Convention (or DCON), a weekend-long convention for the district of Cali-Nev-Ha, Roger and Evelyn brought home multiple titles to Yorba Linda High School.   The two brought home “Outstanding Website Recognition” and “Distinguished Member Increase District” for Cali-Nev-Ha.  Just this year alone, Key Club at YLHS has had a 300% membership increase, and that is solely thanks to the hard work Evelyn and Roger have dedicated to the club.  Evelyn was given the honor of being a bronze-level member, and Roger was given the honor of being a silver-level member of Cali-Nev-Ha.

When asked about how he feels about his accomplishments, Roger Fang (11) stated “YLHS Key Club has officially been put on the map.  I have felt a connection with all of the members, and they are truly the reason why this club became most improve club in Division 4 East.  I didn’t do anything; it is their drive and their passion that made this club so great.”  Evelyn Chan (11) commented, “To me, the ‘Key’ in ‘Key Club’ does not mean the club makes keys, but it does provide all members with the necessary key into a world of opportunities.  Personally, I’m proud to see Yorba Linda’s Key Club make its mark in the international service organization, and as a devout Division 4 East goldfish, I can honestly say Key Club has changed my life for the better.”  Chan and Fang’s modesty and humbleness about their immense success truly adds to the amount of love and passion they share for Key Club.

Despite their busy schedules with AP classes and even more extra-curricular activities, Roger and Evelyn have truly made an impact not only at our school but also in our world.  Their countless hours and endless dedication have definitely made a difference, and the amount of success they brought should not go unnoticed.  Roger “hopes you all see this club as a place to give back and feel welcomed!  Come join Key Club this year to feel good!”

Congratulations Evelyn and Roger on the most successful presidential terms!  Your service to Key Club has truly gotten the YLHS members on their feet shouting, “We Feel Good!”