Crushing Child Obesity

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Courtesy of

Nikhil Patolia, Photojournalist

It is now common knowledge that childhood obesity plagues the United States, and while health organizations have been trying to combat the issue, a newcomer may have the solution in their hands. The large corporation, Burger King, has quietly removed the sugary beverages from their kids menu and replaced them with much healthier options for the kids.


This will change the beverage menu in a kids meal from including soft-drinks to now having fat-free milk, low-fat chocolate milk, and apple juice.  Although these beverages are still high in sugar content, they are much less harmful than the soft-drinks that the replace.


Burger King sought out to follow through with this plan unannounced.  Other fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s have previously done this, but when they changed their menu, they advertised it heavily to show their consumers that they are moving towards a healthier future for their children.  A possible reason why Burger King has decided to remove soft-drinks from the kids menu unannounced is to prevent angry consumers from going against their actions.  Many parents believe that their children should have a choice in what they would like to drink and that they don’t need others to look after their health.  To counteract this proposition against the brand, Burger King will allow children to obtain soft-drinks upon special request.  Forcing the child or their parent to order the beverage upon special request will cause them to be less likely to buy the product and opt out for their healthier options.  “I wouldn’t buy a soda if I had to make a special order for it” says Matthew Bell (10).  


It is hopeful to see that the people who have had a major role in causing childhood obesity, try and fix the issue at hand by providing healthier food choices at their restaurants.  Clearly, Burger King is on the path to a healthier future.