Sign-up for the Campus Blood Drive, on April 23rd!


Evelyn Chan

Campus Blood Drive Committee members show their support during lunch by signing donors up.

Evelyn Chan, Photojournalist

120 units of donated blood, that’s how much is required in just one liver transplant. Previously, a critical shortage of donated blood has forced the cancellation of elective surgeries in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. The Red Cross needs 80,000 units on hand daily, but now has only about 36,000 a day, according to ABC News. One pint of blood can save up to three lives; every two seconds someone needs blood. Approximately 45 thousand units of blood are used each day in the U.S. 25% of all blood donations are used to treat cancer patients. The demand for blood transfusions is growing faster than donations. Since blood cannot be synthetically made, there is no substitute.


The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Give blood.


YLHS Red Cross, in conjunction with ASB, is working with American Red Cross to bring to you a Campus Blood Drive; they’ve taken away the burden of having to drive somewhere, they’ve taken away the burden of having to take some time out of your busy schedule – all they ask is that you step up, sign-up, and BE a hero.


From now until April 21st, the Blood Drive Committee will be out in the quad at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays conducting sign-ups. The Campus Blood Drive will take place on Thursday, April 23rd from 7:15 AM to 12:15 PM, appointments are scheduled in 15 minute increments, and students will be called out of class at the time of their appointment to head down to the Small Gym to donate blood.


Upon signing up, you will be asked if you meet the age, height, and weight requirement to donate blood. If you are 16, you will be required to turn in a green permission slip and a red permission slip. If you are 16 or older, you will be required to turn in a red permission slip. All donors will receive a donor t-shirt, tickets to the Grammy Museum, and mystery gifts from other locally based businesses.


This Campus Blood Drive will mark the first time YLHS Red Cross has been able to host a blood drive on campus, and they’re hoping to see many people who came out in November to the blood drive held at Black Gold. When one of the returners was asked why she wanted to sign-up again, Katie Faithe (11) replied, “I decided to donate blood because I want to help save lives and its so easy to be a life saver by simply being healthy and donating blood.” Mustangs, you too can be a life saver – all it takes is a few minutes of your class time.