2015 Pride Day Recap!

YLHS students help beautify their campus!

Evelyn Chan, Photojournalist

Notice anything different about the Yorba Linda High School campus? Chances are, you probably haven’t looked close enough to see the differences. Let’s just say hundreds of weeds were uprooted, gum residues were scraped away, planters were raked free of dead leaves, and the parking lot went through a HUGE makeover – with tons of litter, weeds, and dead leaves cleaned away.


So who is behind the campus makeover? Over 160 YLHS students! Led by the PTSA Student Leadership Group, all these students put aside 3 hours of their Saturday to work hard in beautifying our campus. They’ve put in their blood, sweat, and energy – all for the pride of YLHS.


Let’s take a look at what exactly was done to make this year’s Pride Day so successful. Sectioned off into groups of ten to fifteen students, our smiling students raked and weeded the areas surrounding the administration office, in front of the gym, enclosed by the quad, between the 400’s and 500’s buildings, and enclosed by the lower parking lot. Armed with rakes, shovels, hoes, and gum scrapers, our YLHS students joined forces to clean our beloved campus. When asked why she wanted to help out at Pride Day, ASB’s Junior President Emmy Munn (11) replied, “I love Yorba Linda High School and I think it is extremely important that we give back to our community and maintain the beautiful campus we all love and enjoy.”


Our students even went as far as to clean the areas outside of our main campus. Under the direction of Mr. Gomez, 70 students from the track and field team worked to beautify Shapell stadium and the areas around it. That is some real Mustang Pride!


And of course, this event could not have been made possible without the extraordinary leadership of some special YLHS students. Under the guidance of PTSA Student Leadership’s 1st Vice-President of Community Service, Sarah Chen, the talented and hardworking Pride Day Committee worked diligently for months in preparation of Pride Day and deserve some individual recognition. For making this entire event happen, a special Thank You goes to the Pride Day Committee’s Team Leader Corina Deiters, Volunteer Coordinators Yusuf Khan and Nick Bui, Equipment Chairs Kelsey Cooper and Connie Huang, Publicity Chair Gabi Moussa, and Hospitality Chairs Sarah Heckel and Kaila Brasney.