A New Spin On Saving the World

Photo Courtesy of inhabitat.com

Photo Courtesy of inhabitat.com

Nikhil Patolia, Photojournalist


It used to be that you had to go out of your way to help the environment.  You could find paper and plastic to recycle or even keep your very own compost bin in your backyard.  These methods, although useful, are hardly ever used by everyday people because it requires them to sacrifice their precious time.  That is why scientists in Australia have created a new way to help the environment without having to do a single thing.


Scientists in Australia have developed an experimental home that helps the environment by creating clean energy.  This 800 square-foot structure is capable of creating more energy than it consumes which will allow us to get clean energy and eventually stop the need for having to rely on harmful sources of energy such as oil and nuclear.  “Using clean energy will benefit us in the future”, says Sumesh Rawal(10).


The house is covered in brand new technology that allows it to accomplish such a feat.  It has solar panels lined all atop the roof which in is the main source of energy that it creates.  The architectural firm of the project, ArchiBlox,  also made the home airtight to reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool the home.  Cool air is pulled in through tubes that go down into the ground rather than the traditional way of taking often hot air from outside and using energy to cool it down before it enters into the home.  The main amenity of the entire house is the sunroom that spans an entire side of the house.  It allows for its inhabitants to relax and enjoy the view of the outdoors with large glass wall to look through.


Although this compact living space is mainly focused on being environmentally friendly and creating clean energy, the architects working on this project stopped at no expense to make this home as cozy as possible. Bright and vibrant wood decorates the entire room, giving it a modern look to appeal to the masses.  Despite its size,  they have even included a private area for those in need of it, just showing how well the space in this home is utilized.  This prototype house will clearly see its way into the future and create a safer environment for us to live in.