A New & Exciting App

Trio icon and wordmark white on purple

Trio icon and wordmark white on purple

Heather Gammon, Co-Editor-in-Chief

A new app called Trio, launched March 4, is already gaining steam with high school students. And The Wrangler got a behind the scenes look in their exclusive interview with Misha Leybovich, co-founder of Trio.

According to Misha Leybovich, Trio helps you “be funny and creative by making videos out of other people’s content” and “has real potential to be the next Instagram.”

So what makes Trio different?While there are apps that allow you to remix content, they tend to use only your own Camera Roll assets. And that’s exactly why these other photo-video apps pale in comparison to Trio. Trio doesn’t just use your own content to create mashups, but has videos, photos, gifs, music right on the app’s interface.

How is this legally possible? Trio attempts to crate a beneficial experience for creators, consumers, and content owners alike. Trio takes content from sites like Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Itunes, Movie clips and puts it on one platform. Similar to Pinterest, Trio does “linked attribution” for “every asset used.” In other words, for example, if someone decides to use a particular song in a mashup, they have the option to open Itunes and actually buy the song. This method has seen success far greater than initially predicted. While it was predicted that only 2% of people who go to the link would buy the product, the actual amount was 44%. Thus Trio is not only a novel platform for creative design, but also mutually beneficial to the original content owner by driving traffic back to its source.

What kind of mashups can you make? Obviously, there are various mashups you can make and everyone’s personal style is different. Among the most common content seen are mashups with famous movie quotes, tributes to celebrities and televison shows, fashion slideshows, and sports highlights.

What’s the appeal of Trio to high schoolers? What’s unique about Trio is the streamlined process. It’s a one-stop site. It incorporates content from many sites and allows you to choose and edit in app. Many teens love making mashups, but before the conception of this app, it was an intensive process. Now, it’s anything but.