Will Taylor Swift Ever Go Out of “Style”?


Courtesy of Variety

Taylor Swift posed in white for a Variety magazine photoshoot.

Tatum Steward, Photo Journalist

By now we all have heard of the queen of pop, Taylor Swift. Some may even refer to her as “the music industry” entirely. She has fans from all across the globe and is no doubt quite the sensation. While we know Taylor Swift as arguably the most popular artist of this generation, she was not always given the same respect that she is given now. 

At the beginning of her career, many people did not take her seriously. She was just a young girl trying to make it in the country genre, which is typically full of older men, so this immediately weighed her down. Taylor was still in high school when her career began, and she had to endure the cruelty of teenagers while attempting to pursue her dreams. Even after becoming a global phenomenon,  people continued to have doubts about her. They attacked her lifestyle and relationships, and criticized her lyrics and songwriting. Oddly enough, people seemed to have personal problems with Taylor Swift’s relationships, as if they had any input. They also accused her of only writing songs about boys and breakups. This is just the tip of the iceberg since people judged her for her every movement; she was essentially suffocated by the media.

However, despite all of the cruelty that was pushed on Taylor, she managed to still come out on top. She even went as far as re-recording past albums in return for what was once stolen from her at a young age. She is currently on tour, which all started by her fans “breaking Ticketmaster.” The influence and power that Taylor holds is truly unmatched. 

With all of that being said, I can’t help but wonder: will Taylor Swift ever go out of “Style”? It seems like all of the greatest artists of their time either peak or die before we know their peak. So will this reign true for Mrs. Swift?

She will never go out of style ’cause she literally wrote Style

— Aubrey Esparza (11)


Considering she has a city named after her, (Swift City, AZ) it can be hard to imagine that Taylor will ever fall from fame. However, even the greatest get burnt out or run dry. Considering Taylor Swift is only 33 years old, and has “already conquered so many music genres and become one of the most famous artists of all time,” my bet is that she will stay relevant for long after her peak comments Aubrey Esparza (11). I think that Taylor Swift will have a long-lasting career, however, she will reach a peak very soon considering she won’t always be able to carry the same energy she has now. I do, however, think that her music style will change with time. Moving forward I can imagine her albums sounding more like “Evermore” and “Folklore,” as opposed to the energetic “1989” or “Reputation.”

Despite all of the backlash Swift has gotten, she has truly proved herself worthy as a musician and public figure. “She will never go out of style ’cause she literally wrote Style” says Aubrey Esparza (11). So what do you think? Will Taylor Swift ever go out of “Style”?