Taylor Swift’s Concert


A peak at Taylor Swift’s unbelievable performance and stunning outfits.

Natalie Waters, Photojournalist

In 2004, a young girl at the age of fourteen got her first taste of fame within the music industry. This girl signed a music publishing deal with Sony and became the youngest signing in the company’s history. In 2006, she signed with Big Machine Record and her song, “Tim McGraw,” helped her hit her first top forty. Nineteen years later, in the present year of 2023, this girl has grown into an inspirational and strong woman. At the current age of thirty three, she has been nominated forty six times at the Grammy’s and has won eleven of them. Countless awards, beautiful and meaningful songs, and her inspiring story has helped millions of girls across the world through their own issues. Who is she? Her name is Taylor Swift. 

Taylor Swift’s tour began just weeks ago named “The Eras Tour.” Videos have exploded across the internet showing the impact that Taylor Swift has had on these young girls. Some shed tears at her inspiring songs and breathtaking performance. 

Her shows in this tour are three hours and she sings forty four songs, which is extremely impressive. Forty four songs is a great number of songs to sing and it requires a significant amount of determination, practice, and dedication. For this tour, the stage is as tall and wide as her Reputation Tour. However, the screen on this tour is giant and curved. Now and then, Taylor and her backup dancers will engage with the crowd to ensure that they feel that they feel as if they are being sung to directly. 

One of the notorious moments of her concert is when she dives into the stage toward the end of the show. After singing her acoustic surprise songs toward the end of the concert, Taylor walks toward the opening on the stage. She then dives head into the opening of the stage at the end of the catwalk. Then, using impressive and advanced digital effects, an image of Taylor swims across the catwalk toward the stage. Once she reaches the end, she emerges out of the waves and appears on a cloud to sing the final section of the show. 

I am beyond excited to see the show in person.”

— Emma Reiss

There are many impressive aspects to this show, and clearly there has been an exceptional amount of work put into it by Taylor and many more. Emma Reiss is going to be attending her concert in mid-summer in Los Angeles California and she claims that she is “beyond excited to see the show in person, I’ve heard so many amazing things.”