“Awww” Stories

Photo courtesy of huffingtonpost.com  

The security guard at Magic Kingdom has an autograph full of childrens autographs to make them feel like princes and princesses.

Photo courtesy of huffingtonpost.com The security guard at Magic Kingdom has an autograph full of children’s autographs to make them feel like princes and princesses.

Angela Chuang, Photojournalist

We always hear certain stories that make us say, “Awww.”  Whenever someone is feeling a little bit gloomy, an “awww” story is just what he or she needs to feel a little bit brighter.  Here is a list of 10 different “awww” stories to make your day a little brighter.

1.  According to Barbara Bunchuk, there is a security guard who works at Magic Kingdom and carries an autograph book during working hours.  When Bunchuk took her daughter to Magic Kingdom, the security guard approached her daughter who was dressed in a princess dress and said, “Excuse me Princess, can I have your autograph?”  Bunchuk could see that the security guard’s autograph book contained the signature of many other children.

2.  Josh Lin, a YouTuber who typically films videos of pranks, went out with a videographer to test an experiment.  Lin handed a homeless man $100 and secretly followed him to see what he would do with the money.  The homeless man went to a liquor store which crushed Lin’s heart but then proceeded to buy food in the liquor store and pass it out to other homeless people.  Lin approached the man and told him he had been watching.  The homeless man shared his story with Josh and why he was living on the streets.  Josh then set up an online fundraising page where his viewers and other people helped raise $50,000 for the homeless man.  Josh believes that he did not change this man’s life; the homeless man changed his life.

3.  The Bellevue Police Department in Washington state granted thirteen-year old Gage’s wish by letting him experience a day in a police officer’s shoes.  Although Gage is blind, Make-A-Wish and the Bellevue police officers helped make his wish come true by taking him on patrol and through different trainings an officer goes through.

4.  A Spanish athlete, Ivan Fernandez Anaya, gave up his chance to win by helping his competitor, Mutai, cross the finish line.  Mutai thought he had already crossed the finish line, but he really hadn’t.  He didn’t speak Spanish, so when the spectators were telling him to keep running, he didn’t understand.  Anaya saw Mutai had stopped 10 meters before the actual finish line, so he slowed down and guided Mutai to the finish line.  Anaya gave up his chance at a victory to help the rightful winner finish the race.

5,  In Manchester, New Hampshire, Matt Lemire, a Trinity High School sophomore, underwent chemotherapy for cancer in November of 2013.  To show their support, his classmates (31 students and 8 adults) shaved their heads.  Their support and positive attitude has helped Lemire stay positive during his treatment process.

6. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Nancy Franck underwent cancer surgery during the month of February 2015.  Her dog, Sissy, is a 10-year old Miniature Schnauzer.  Sissy escaped Nancy’s house while she was in the hospital recovering and found her way to the hospital.  She traveled 20 blocks and sniffed her way to Franck’s room.  Sissy was only allowed to visit her owner for a little bit, but she did accomplish her mission to see her recovering owner.

7.  Ann was about to be married off to a man who was 20 years older than her in 1932.  John Betar and Ann eloped right before Ann’s father could marry her off.  In 2013, “America’s longest married couple”, John and Ann Betar, was able to celebrate their 81st anniversary together.

8.  Identical twins, Jillian and Jenna had a rare birth condition that caused them to share the same placenta.  This disorder is called monoamniotic which is estimated to occur in one every 10,000 pregnancies.  When they were born, Jillian and Jenna came into this world holding each others hands.

9.  Magician and YouTuber, Rob Anderson approached a homeless veteran in the streets of Las Vegas and began to tear apart the veteran’s cardboard sign.  Shocked by the way Anderson was acting, the veteran asked if he was some kind of street musician who was going to turn the ripped cardboard poster into a wad of money.  The veteran was unaware that Anderson was a magician and was in for a surprise.  Anderson turned the ripped poster into a wad of money for him and set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the homeless veteran who also had a poster labelled “SMILE.”

10.  On February 16, 2015, Jacob Yee, Yorba Linda High School sophomore, was approached by a young man who was travelling by skateboard and in need of $3 to get to Long Beach.  Without hesitating at all, Yee handed the man $3, and Vincent Serrano, another YLHS student, proceeded to pitch in more money.  The young man returned the extra money to the two boys and proceeded to introduce himself.  The man thanked both of them and informed the two boys that if they ever see him around playing gigs that they should say hello to him.  Jacob Yee (10) says “I didn’t need to stop and think about whether or not I should’ve given him $3.  If I could impact someone in a positive way, I would seize it.” This act of kindness is one that is small but affected multiple people in positive ways.  Sometimes, it is the smallest acts that mean the most.