The Benefits of Having a Job in High School


Katelyn Ruggles

A job is a great way to learn responsibilities and skills necessary for the future.

Katelyn Ruggles, Editor-in-Chief

For many parents and students, high schoolers getting jobs is a complex topic. Many parents want their children to focus on their grades in order to get into a good college, while many students want the free time to hang out with friends or do school work. Though having a job in high school may seem like a lot of work, there are many benefits to having one. 


One of the largest benefits to having a job is making your own money. Especially with social media at its peak, many items go trending on platforms that encourage teenagers to want them. With a job, students can now buy more things than before, as they are making their own money. They can also use this money when hanging out with friends, whether that be doing an activity like mini golfing or simply going out to eat. All these hang outs take money that a job would provide. 


Also, there are many life lessons that are taught when having a job. Firstly, you become familiar with a job environment. It is safe to say most high schoolers will have some type of job in the future. It is better to be exposed to this work-like environment at a young age so that when you do get a more professional job, you will fit right in. Working with others is a given in a job, so collaboration skills are essential to learn at a young age. 


A job also allows teenagers to manage their time. Having to balance a heavy workload is a difficult task, but something you will have to do in the future. Most people will be working in college, having to balance classes and work schedules. It is better to learn a routine in high school, as college will be more intense and more important for the future. After college, people will be starting their first “big” jobs, along with having to handle other obstacles life throws at them. Learning in high school to put time aside for school work, as well as attending to work or any other after school activities is vital for the future. Without the experience of having a job at a young age and balancing work and personal life, this change will be a rude awakening. 

Having a job allows you to learn responsibilities like time and money management.”

— Kealia Amorin

Kealia Amorin (12) has had a job for a few months, and has noticed all the benefits that come with it. She says that having a job “allows you to learn responsibilities like time and money management.” Along with this, it “also allows you to ease into the adult world workplace.” 


Not only does having a job provide life skills for the future, it also looks great on applications. Most people who are wary of getting a job most likely want to focus on grades for college, but grades are not everything college looks at. Giving back to your community is something colleges value when considering their applicants. Having a job demonstrates responsibility, time management, and you are helping the community. 


It is understandable that parents or kids would want to focus on school and grades instead of having a job. Working 3 to 4 times a week along with after school activities and classes may be too much for most. However, it is important to acknowledge all the future benefits of having a job that can not be taught in school.