Internet Safety and Drug Presentation

Internet Safety and Drug Presentation

Aroosa Malik, Photojournalist

While drug and internet activity hasn’t become a large threat currently, we still need to be aware of its consequences that it has on our society.


The OC Sheriffs have taken a call for action and announced that they will be hosting a presentation about strategies to defeat cyber bullying and drug trends on March 9th from 6 to 7:30PM in YLHS library. This presentation will allow local parents to learn new drug references that have emerged in this generation. Some examples of these new terms are Tango, wax, KIK, etc. Also, the OC Sheriffs will discuss new teen websites that are being used such as Omegle.

With the information that will be discussed during this presentation, the OC Sheriffs will have successfully update the parents in Yorba Linda about these new trends.


According to Melanie Angcaco (10), she believes that “it is necessary to remind parents of these consequences so they can watch out for their child’s safety. In addition, the Sheriffs department is doing an excellent job by notifying parents and the community of these trends and ways to prevent their child from using them.”


We hope the OC Sheriffs brings about a positive change in parents after this presentation, which again will be held on March 9th from 6- 7:30PM.